Application Programming Interface

Welcome to the JangoMail API, a web service which allows you to programmatically control your JangoMail account using an HTTP GET, POST or an XML-based SOAP call. Below are some resources to help you get started using the JangoMail API.

Technical Documentation

All API methods are categorized below. Expand a section to view the methods within, then select a method to view detailed parameter information, sample calls and form to try out the method.

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List Management

Campaign Sending

Campaign Reporting

Transactional Sending

Transactional Reporting

Account Management

Unsubscribe Management

Bounce Management


AssetNotFoundException The specified file name does not exist.
BouncedEmailAddressException Email address is on account's Bounce List. This means it has bounced at least one time in the past and is likely an invalid address.
CannotSendExceptionThis account cannot currently send emails as the sending limit has been exceeded. Please upgrade the account to continue sending.
DefaultGroupNameException The default transactional group cannot be renamed or deleted and a new group cannot be named "Default Transactional Group".
DuplicateEmailAddressExceptionEmail address already in List. List does not allow duplicate email addresses.
DuplicateGroupFieldException List field already exists.
DuplicateGroupNameException List name already exists.
DuplicateIPAddressExceptionThe specified IP Address is already registered.
DuplicateMassEmailException A campaign with this subject and list was recently sent.
DuplicateUsernameExceptionThe supplied Username is already in use.
InvalidAgencyAccountException The specified Master Agency Account could not be found.
InvalidBCCEmailException Invalid BCC email.
InvalidCCEmailException Invalid CC email.
InvalidCharacterSetException Invalid Character Set.
InvalidDateException Date specified is invalid.
InvalidEmailAddressException Email address is invalid.
InvalidEncodingException Invalid Encoding.
InvalidFieldCountException Invalid field count.
InvalidFieldNameException Invalid field name.
InvalidFileSizeException Specified file is empty.
InvalidFromEmailException Invalid From email.
InvalidGroupFieldsException The list of fields must include the EmailAddress field.
InvalidGroupFilterException Invalid list filter specification.
InvalidGroupIDException Invalid Group ID.
InvalidGroupListException Invalid list name.
InvalidGroupNameException List name is invalid.
InvalidIPAddressException The specified value does not exist or is not a valid IP Address.
InvalidJobIDExceptionThe given Job ID does not exist.
InvalidListException List XXXX is invalid.
InvalidMassEmailIDException Invalid campaign ID.
InvalidMessageIsPlainException If MessageType=Plain then MessagePlain must be blank.
InvalidMessageTypeException Invalid Message Type. Acceptable types are Plain and HTML.
InvalidOptionException Invalid Option specified.
InvalidPriorityException Invalid Priority.
InvalidReplyEmailException Invalid Reply-To email.
InvalidSecretTokenExceptionInvalid Secret Token
InvalidTransactionalGroupIDException Invalid Transactional Group ID.
InvalidTransactionalIDException Invalid Transactional ID.
InvalidTriggerListException Invalid trigger list.
InvalidUsernameExceptionInvalid Username.
LoggingException An unknown logging exception was encountered.
LoginFailedException Username and password do not match.
MessageSizeExceededException XXXX
MissingRequiredParameterExceptionA required field was not supplied: XXXX.
MissingRequiredParameterFromDisplayNameException The From Display Name is a required parameter and is missing.
MissingRequiredParameterSubjectException The Subject is a required parameter and is missing.
MissingWebDatabaseSettingsThere is no Master Web Database Connection Profile set for your account. This must be set prior to specifying a SQL query for the ToWebDatabase parameter.
NoAddressesSpecifiedException No Addresses Specified. Use either To or ToManual Fields.
NoMessageException MessagePlain and/or MessageHTML must be specified.
NoRecipientsException No recipients specified for this campaign.
OverEmailLimitException This email cannot be sent because your account is at its allowed limits. Visit or if you need an emergency upgrade.
SystemDomainAddressException Email address domain is on the Global Domain Suppression List.
SystemEmailAddressException Email address is on the Global Suppression List.
ToConflictException You may only specify one of ToOther or ToWebdatabase or ToGroupFilter.
TooManyRecordsException Date range resulted in too many records. Please narrow date range to pull 20,000 records or less.
UnauthorizedAddressException The current IP Address ( is not authorized to access the API.
UnknownException An unknown exception was encountered.
UnsubscribedEmailAddressException Email address is on account's Unsubscribe List.
UserDomainAddressException Email address domain is on account's Unsubscribe List.

DomainKeys Management

Block Management

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